Harajuku Girl w/ Japanese Sailor Dress, Monster Hoodie, Demonia Platforms & Panda Backpack

Lemon is a 15-year-old student and aspiring model who we often see on the streets of Harajuku.

Lemon’s street style this time features an oversized fuzzy monster hoodie (with claws) from the Japanese brand Super Lovers over a Body Line sailor dress, striped knee socks, and Demonia platform shoes. Accessories – some of which came from Claire’s and Thank You Mart – include skeleton hand, eyeball bow, and bone hair clips, round glasses, a bell choker, red neck tie, plush tiger neck pouch, and ACDC Rag plush panda backpack.

Lemon’s favorite Harajuku fashion brand is Hellcat Punks. Her favorite bands include You’ll Melt More and Dempagumi.inc. Follow Lemon on Instagram or Twitter to see more of her Harajuku looks.

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