Harajuku K-Pop Fans w/ Bow Tie, Zipper Clutch & Suspenders

Minyeol and EungJu are two students we snapped on the streets of Harajuku recently. Both girls were wearing androgynous looks with white button downs and beanies, and they are both fans of K-Pop music.

Minyeol, the one in sunglasses, is she’s 17 years old and is one of the Kim Twins (her twin was recently snapped here). Minyeol is wearing black skinny jeans with a loose white shirt, and buckled ankle boots. Her accessories includes a heart pendant and a star necklace, plastic bracelets, a star ring and a watch, as well as a zipper clutch. Find her on Twitter for more info.

EungJu is also 17, and she’s wearing colored contacts. Her outfit also includes a white shirt with a plaid bow tie, blue pants with suspenders and anchor print sneakers. She’s got a sporty backpack and a plastic bracelet on. Check out EungJu on Twitter.

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  1. Wow, male or female, they have a lot of appeal! Clean lines and they compliment each other nicely. I’m feeling very androgynous suddenly…

  2. got all excited cause i thought they were boys… but they aren’t T^T..
    OH WELL they still look super adorbs :D

  3. deathbyglitter

    OMG these girls take my breath away! *swoon* I am in total awe when someone can pull off a beautiful, unique, androgynous look…and here are TWO people pulling it off! O.O Wow!!! And I love love love bow ties (and bows in general, heheh)! Amazing. *swoooooooooon*