Harajuku Girls in KRY Clothing Ears Cropped Hoodie, Killstar, Funky Fruits, Garters, Qooza & Jamie Ank

Paseri and Sio are two 20-year-old Japanese apparel industry personnel who we ran into on the street in Harajuku.

Paseri, on the left with pink hair, is wearing a ripped top from H&M with a velvet skirt, a Killstar bag, Qooza Harajuku accessories, and Jamie Ank platform boots. Her favorite fashion is Sinz and she likes the music of Baby Metal. Follow Paseri on Instagram for more of her style.

Sio, on the right with long black hair, who also works as a model, is wearing a cropped ears hoodie by the Japanese brand KRY Clothing over a Zara fishnet top, a skirt by Sly, an H&M bag, accessories including a spike collar and metal hand armor from Sevens, Funky Fruits, and Thank-You Mart, a Shiro Neko choker, and Jamie Ank platform sandals. Sio’s favorite fashion brand is Sinz and she likes the music of Shiina Hikari. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram for more of her Japanese street style.

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