Harajuku Girl in Tulle Skirt w/ Little Twin Stars & Princess One Spoon

While walking around the streets of Harajuku, we met Nami, a 16-year old student who looked cute in her pink and white outfit.

Nami wore a white Little Twin Stars tee, a pink tulle skirt, a matching tulle jacket from the Harajuku resale shop Flamingo, and white wedge sneakers. She carried a pink ruffle tote bag from Princess One Spoon and a backpack from WEGO. She completed her cute outfit with a white pendant lace choker from Princess One Spoon.

Nami loves shopping at San to Nibun no Ichi and she loves listening to [Alexandros]. You can follow Nami at her Twitter and Instagram for more of her info. She also has another Twitter account you can check out.

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