Harajuku Lolita Girls in Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, Lodispotto & Axes Femme

While walking along the Harajuku streets, we came upon Rin and Yu – both wearing Lolita fashion. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

On the left, black-haired Rin is wearing a black, ruffled collar blouse underneath a corset top and hoop skirt combo, mismatched black and red tights, black platform creepers with buckles, a black ruffled parasol from Putumayo, and a vintage green handbag from Axes Femme. Twin tails, a magenta and black ribbon headdress and headphones complete her look. Rin loves vocaloid.

On the right with brown hair and twin braids, Yu’s look features a red and white blouse and jumper skirt combo from Angelic Pretty, white ankle socks with ribbons, white patent pumps from Pattern, and a pink ribbon purse from Lodispotto. Her accessories include a red beret, pretzel earrings and beaded bracelets, which were handmade by her. Yu loves to shop at Angelic Pretty and she likes listening to anime songs.

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