Harajuku Lolita Girls in Angelic Pretty, Baby The Stars Shine Bright & Mary Magdalen

Here are two friendly girls dressed with classic Lolita style that we photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the right is Juri. She’s wearing a pink jacket with plush collar and cuffs from Angelic Pretty over a cute print dress from Baby The Stars Shine Bright. She’s also wearing printed tights and tall laceup boots from Metamorphose. Her brown leather cross body purse is from Angelic Pretty.

Juri’s accessories from La Pafait include a large lace-trimmed hair bow, several cute hair ornaments and two bow rings. Juri told us that her favorite place to shop is Angelic Pretty and her favorite music is by L’Arc〜en〜Ciel and Golden Bomber.

The girl on the left is Rui, a 23-year-old student. Her outfit consists of a fitted white coat with plush collar and cuffs from Mary Magdalen over a print Angelic Pretty dress. Short laceup boots from Comodo are worn with print tights. Her accessories from Angelic Pretty include a cute lace-trimmed hat tight with a brown ribbon, a striped bow at her neck and an assortment of brown, white and gold rings and bracelets. Her brown leather handbag is also from Angelic Pretty.

Rui told us her favorite fashion sources are Angelic Pretty, Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Mary Magdalene. Her favorite music genre is classical and her favorite band is Sound Horizon.

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  1. This week they will be my inspiration! They are so pretty and elegant! Their dress ups are so carefully planned! ♥

  2. The girl on the left is so pretty~
    I really love both of their styles ^^

  3. Sammyswisso

    I like the socks ! ~ rest is awesomeness too

  4. Head-to-toe brand! gorgeous! this cost them a fortune…

  5. Francesca

    Kawaiii…If I am clothed in Italy so I relate to people with wide eyes. Italians are really boring.

  6. @Francesca

    XDDD Come to Germany and then you will see how boring fashion can be.=)

  7. Perfectly organised outfits! <3 I love those boots, why can't I get something like these?! TAT (Ok, let's have a contest: I think Hungarian fashion is the most boring… xD)

  8. Francesca

    Sorry but I say Italians are boring not italian fashion, of course. italian fashion is the first in the world but I prefer Japan: life, dress, food…all ;-)

  9. So cuuute! Their hair!!! I’ve always wanted to try wearing lolita…but, its not common in Canada. Oh well, one day I’ll end up in Japan, married to

  10. Is there anyway to buy Juri’s purse from overseas? It’s so beautiful, but I can’t find it T~T

  11. OHHHH *___* you are the best!!! ♥♥♥♥

    Ich liebe diese Outfits! Die Schuhe und die Taschen und überhaupt!
    Einfach perfekt!
    Die ganzen Details! Da stimmt und passt einfach alles! Sehr sehr sehr gelungen!