Harajuku Lolita Style w/ Angelic Pretty, Innocent World & Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

We met Shino on the streets of Harajuku. The 19-year-old university student’s cute pastel colored Lolita outfit caught our eye.

Shino is wearing an Angelic Pretty blouse with ruffles and a mint green printed jumper skirt from Japanese lolita fashion brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Her white sandals are also from Angelic Pretty. Her accessories include an Innocent World heart-shaped handbag, a cute pink bow backpack from Angelic Pretty, a matching mint green bow headband and a cute pink parasol.

She loves to shop at Angelic Pretty and Putumayo and loves listening to the music of The Beatles, Queen and Madonna. Follow Shino on Twitter for more of her info.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    Omg! That is so cute. And I love the cute backpack, and the cute Lolita fashion. Although I love everything. Especially I love the umbrella. And I do love the cute handbag.