Harajuku Lolita Style w/ Creme Brulee, Metamorphose, Alice And The Pirates & A Closet of Alice

Rumina is regularly featured on our street snaps wearing her Lolita street styles. Her last snap was back in May. Let’s take a look at her Lolita ensemble today:

Rumina’s Lolita fashion features a sleeveless floral print and satin Chinese collar corset dress from Creme Brulee over a white lacy jumperskirt (JSK), lace stockings, and platform shoes from Metamorphose temps de fille. Her accessories – from Alice and Pirates, A Closet of Alice, and Route 9 – include a white parasol, floral hair ornaments, lace fingerless gloves, vintage-inspired flower rings, and two cute plushies.

Rumina’s favorite fashion brands are MR, Atelier Boz, and Metamorphose. She listens to drum and bass music. Follow her on Instagram for more of her Lolita fashion snaps!

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