Harajuku Lolita in Metamorphose, MR Corset, Dreaming Drop & Gothic Holic

In Harajuku, we bumped into Rumina, who we often see sporting Lolita fashion on the street. She was last featured on our snaps back in November.

Today, Rumina’s Lolita look features a white hoop skirt from MR Corset under a floral print jumperskirt from Dreaming Drop, a capelet from Metamorphose, pink and white floral print stockings, and white pointed pumps from Randa. Her accessories include a Kate Spade handbag and black, fluffy cat ears from Gothic Holic.

Rumina’s favorite brands/shops include MR and Gothic Holic. She listens to the music of Aquanavis. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram for her social media updates.

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