Harajuku Lolitas in Angelic Pretty “Star Night Theater” Dresses

Here are two friendly Japanese sweet lolitas who we met in Harajuku near the new Baby The Stars Shine Bright shop.

Even though we met the girls near BTSSB, they are both wearing Angelic Pretty dresses with a “Star Night Theater” print, hair bows, cute tights, and lolita shoes. One of them is carrying an Angelic Pretty bow handbag and the other told us that she got her heart handbag at the Disney Store. Both of the girls are also wearing cute rings as well.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. The print is called “Starry Night Theatre”. I’m so happy to see a lolita. I love Angelic Pretty :D

  2. Yay! Finally you post Lolitapics! Love the outfits, wish I had them

  3. Starry Night Theatre is my dream dress, I love the blue version!! I’m happy to see lolita street snaps <3

  4. Carolinasunny

    One of the things in being lolita that i like most are the cute rings ~