Harajuku Lolitas in Angelic Pretty & Innocent World

Here are two cute girls with Lolita style that we met in Harajuku. The blonde girl on the left is Monta, an 18-year-old part-time worker. Her outfit, which is almost entirely from Angelic Pretty, includes a lace-trimmed dress decorated with a large bow at the waist, a pink purse with another large bow and a white fur cape. She’s also wearing white tights and pink Angelic Pretty sandals with multiple straps and bows.

Monta’s accessories from 6%DokiDoki and Bunkaya Zakkaten include a ruffled hair band with an oversized pink bow, several pastel hairclips, a bracelet made from large beads and a plush bow on her other wrist covered with small plastic charms.

Monta’s friend Rino looks equally cute in darker colors from Innocent World. The 19-year-old specialty school student is wearing a short black coat decorated with bows and a brown lace-trimmed dress. She’s also wearing maroon tights and brown Mary Jane shoes with double straps and large bows.

Rino’s accessories from Bunkaya Zakkaten include a lace-trimmed hair bow and a vintage-style pocket watch on a chain. Her keyboard purse is from Axes Femme.

We asked the girls about their favorite shops and brands. Monta is a fan of Angelic Pretty and World Wide
Love and Rino likes Innocent World. When we asked about their favorite music, Monta said she likes Bump of Chicken and Rino mentioned Nana Mizuki.

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  1. The just look lovely *__*
    Aw I wish had had somethingt to wear like that <3
    And they pull it off really great, too!

  2. they look like adorable and the opposing light to dark plays well with them

  3. Starlight

    I smell wiiig.. The blonde one ;D
    They both look lovely, specially Rino, the only thing saddening me is, that Monta looks like she was going somewhat for OTT, so a wig with pigtails would top it off really well..
    Ah, It’s always great to see fellow lolis :D

  4. So pretty! :3
    These two make me want to dress up more often.

  5. Love the one in brown it’s similar to Victorian Steampunk clothing which I love. These clothes must be very expensive. When I lived in Japan the prices were shocking to say the least…beautiful girls either way

  6. They look so cute! I love Rino’s bag! Where I can buy one? :)

  7. Caroline v

    Ooh I love the one in the browns outfit So cute ^.^!

  8. AimIzかわいい

    I ♥ 6%DOKIDOKI !!!o(^▽^)o
    かわいい (^з^)-☆