Harajuku Girls in Twintails & Loose Socks w/ Honwaka Pappa, Nesin & Decotrand

Meet Rami and Gaga, a couple of friendly girls in loose socks who we snapped in Harajuku.

Rami is pictured to the right, with pink candy hair ties. Her kimono jacket is handmade, her t-shirt is Honwaka Pappa, and her pleated red skirt is American Apparel. Her faceted backpack covered in anime stickers is from Solid Gray while her sneakers are Jeffrey Campbell. She made her accessories herself. Rami is a fan of Judy and Mary and she likes shopping at UNIF. You can find her on both Twitter and Instagram for more info.

Gaga is 17 and she’s a student. She is wearing a long t-shirt from Nesin Harajuku with a black cardigan from Kamisama Gokko. Her winged backpack and creepers are from WEGO. Her accessories include pieces from Swimmer and Decotrand, such as candy earrings, manga pins, and metallic rings. She likes shopping at American Apparel and she’s active on Instagram.

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