Harajuku Girl in Hat w/ Marimekko, Vivienne Westwood & I Am I

Ayu is a friendly 23-year-old girl who we met on the street in Harajuku. Her cute hands-shaped collar is the first part of her outfit that caught our eye.

Ayu is wearing a Vivienne Westwood cardigan over an I Am I top with a skirt from Arth and studded high top sneakers. Accessories include a black felt hat, knit earrings from Talatta, a triangle necklace, black and white tights, and a Marimekko purse decorated with a button from the Japanese brand Panbu (by proto egg product project).

Ayu told us that her favorite brands are the quirky Japanese labels “I am I” and Ne-net and that she enjoys the music of Yuki. Find out more about Ayu at her personal blog or on Twitter.

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  1. This outfit is so cute :3. It’s always funny to see people wearing Marimekko as I so strongly identify Marimekko with my home country, Finland.. :D