Harajuku Mens Street Styles w/ Spiky Hair, Joker Shirt, Joegush, M.Y.O.B., Raf Simons, Lacoste, Random Identities & Dr. Martens

While out and about on the streets of Tokyo, we came across Shunsuke and Yuito, two 19-year-old Japanese students whose outfits easily caught our eye.

At the left is Shunsuke sporting spiky hair. He stepped out in a yellow knit cardigan from Lacoste, which he styled with a resale Joker shirt. He donned resale denim pants with black stripes and stepped into a pair of black leather Dr. Martens shoes. The beauty school student accessorized with gold arrow drop earrings, a long bead necklace, a bead bracelet and a silver waist chain. His accessories are from Joegush and M.Y.O.B. In addition, he is carrying a black-and-yellow Raf Simons graphic print bag. Shunsuke lists Raf Simons as his favorite fashion label and he loves the music of Green Day, Kiss and Ramones. For more of his streetwear styles, follow Shunsuke on Instagram.

Meanwhile, blue-haired Yuito is dressed in a resale outfit, which consists of a brown button down shirt and tan high-waisted flared pants. Black heeled shoes from Random Identities and accessories such as a black knit bucket hat, religious pendant drop earrings and a silver rosary necklace rounded out his style. His accessories are also from Joegush and M.Y.O.B. Yuito is also carrying a resale black leather tote bag. Yuito’s favorite fashion brand is Kadakada and he likes listening to Post Malone. Follow him on Instagram for more of his personal street style.

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