Harajuku Men’s Suit Styles w/ Raf Simons, Balmain, Destroy, Hilton, Converse, HardCover & Loewe

While walking on the street in Harajuku, we met 20-year-old Taishin and 19-year-old Tao. Both are beauty school students.

At the left, Taishin’s look features a Balmain pocket blazer over a white t-shirt from Destroy, checkered pants from Hilton, and silver high top sneakers from Converse. He accessorized with an Azuma brown belt choker, a black belt and a shirt keychain. Taishin’s favorite brand is Sullen. Follow him on Instagram.

Tao’s ensemble consists of a blazer and pants suit from Canonico, a black t-shirt from Raf Simons, leather ankle boots from HardCover, and accessories such as Loewe sunglasses, a black beanie, earrings from Thailand’s Cashes and a brown belt. His favorite fashion brand is Gucci and he listens to the music of Zedd and Avicii. Follow him on Instagram.

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