Harajuku Girls in Bobs & Minimalist Fashion by Mikio Sakabe, Balmung & Tokyo Bopper

While walking along the streets in Harajuku, we came upon this trio of students who easily caught our eye with their minimalist monochrome fashion and blunt bangs hairstyles. The girls are Noe (18), Rieko (18), and Matomi (19).

At the left, Noe is wearing a white cat print hoodie dress from fashion label Mikio Sakabe. Cute socks with butterflies from Wall, Tokyo Bopper rocking horse shoes, a quilt tote bag, and a statement heart ring complete her look. Noe’s favorite brands include Wall, Balmung, and Tokyo Bopper. She listens to Crystal Castles. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

At the middle, Rieko’s all black outfit features skinny pants from Uniqlo, a turtleneck sweater, a zipper coat, and platform creepers from Nadia. Her accessories – some of which are from Vivienne Westwood – include round sunglasses, a long pendant necklace, a beaded bracelet, an armor ring, and a Coach handbag. Her favorite brands are Faith Tokyo and Vivienne Westwood and she listens to future funk and drum & bass music. Rieko is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Matomi is wearing a button down shirt dress from Balmung, with a Forever21 transparent sling bag, black tights, white socks and resale cutout runners. Her accessories include round eyeglasses, a Merci Beaucoup baller band, and a black ring. Her favorite brands/shops include H.T. Maniac, Balmung and Merci Beaucoup, and she loves the music of Droog and Yunomi. Check out Matomi on Twitter and Instagram!

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