Twin-Tailed Harajuku Model Street Style w/ Ajo AjoByAjo, Never Mind the XU, YRU, Kol Me Baby & WEGO

While walking along the streets of Harajuku one early evening, we came across Misuru, 19-year-old model and WEGO shop staff.

Sporting long blonde twin tails, Misuru’s street style consists of a white oversized utility vest from Ajo AjoByAjo, a dark blue printed shirt from Never Mind the XU, and black fishnet tights from WEGO. She styled her outfit with black flame socks from Kol Me Baby and slipped into black platform baby dolls shoes with double grommet straps and silver side chains from YRU. Accessories – from (ME) and Never Mind the XU – include silver chain earrings, white-framed sunglasses, a leather choker with silver o-rings, and a silver chain belt. Red lipstick and neon green nail polish are the finishing touches to her street style.

Misuru’s favorite fashion shop is WEGO, and she likes the music of visual idol Hatsune Miku. For more on Misuru, follow her on Instagram.

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