Harajuku Model in Trench Coat w/ titty&Co., Goocy Clutch & Heather

Marina is a Japanese model who we met on the street in Harajuku. Her cute minimal outfit caught our eye.

Marina’s blue shirt is from Uniqlo and her skirt is by the Japanese brand titty&Co., worn with a trench coat on top. Her black clutch is Goocy and her heeled maryjanes are Heather, worn with striped tube socks (a Spring 2014 trend in Tokyo). She is also wearing a thin braided belt.

Marina told us that titty&Co. is her favorite place to shop and that she’s on Twitter.

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  1. I absolutely lover her smile and i adore her sock and high heels, she is very beautiful.

  2. What a nice look! Balanced, cheerful and – the main point :) – it suits this lady so much!