Harajuku Models in MA*RS, Fig&Viper, Lady Made, Dip Dye Hair & Bows

We ran into these three stylish girls in Harajuku recently, and they were kind enough to pose for some street snaps.

Pictured in the middle with a pink bow on her head is Suuchama, a 21-year-old model. She is wearing a top, skirt and jacket from MA*RS, with accessories from the same brand. She is also wearing over the knee wedge boots and a cross choker from a shop in Harajuku. She likes to shop at d.i.a. and MA*RS, and she likes R&B and hip-hop. You can find out more about her on blog.

Rumanjyu is pictured to the left, in shorts. She’s also a model, and she’s 22. Her animal print top and the shorts are from Fig&Viper, as are her heeled hardware ankle boots and necklace. She is wearing colored contacts and long dyed curly hair. Rumanjyu is a fan of D and Mejibray, and she likes shopping from Glad News, d.i.a. and Fig&Viper. She also keeps a blog, if you want to know more about her.

To the right we have Yumika, who is a 21-year-old college student. She has dip-dye hair with shaved sides and long, pointy nails. She’s wearing a Datura coat over a Lady Made dress. Her bag is Coach and she’s wearing Shimamura shoes with a boot cover. Her necklaces and earrings come from accessories shops in the Shibuya 109 mall. Yumika’s favorite shore is ANAP, and she listens to hip hop music, especially Eminem. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

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