Harajuku Mother & Child w/ Galaxxxy Strawberry Print & Candy Stripper Pandas

Harajuku Anna is a Japanese artist who we have been street snapping in Harajuku since back in 2010. This time, we were lucky to run into Anna while she was out with her adorable child.

Anna is wearing a strawberry print dress from the Japanese brand Galaxxxy with animal print pants and a cropped World Wide Love jacket. Her panda sneakers are from Candy Stripper. She bought her star necklace in Copenhagen and the monkey necklace from H&M. Her pink hairpin is from Zipper. Her favorite place to shop is Candy Stripper, and she’s a fan of Yuki. Anna has her own blog if you’d like more info!

Anna’s child is wearing Cody Coby and Uniqlo outerwear, H&M pants and Adidas sneakers.

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  1. so colourful, but i think you can shoot more on the baby

  2. rosarosi

    It’s great that she didn’t let motherhood stop her from dressing the way she feels like. I’ve heard that happens often with Japanese mothers, that they feel required to dress in a certain way.

    She’s super cute and her child too!