Harajuku Guys w/ MYOB NYC, DVMVGE, Devilish, OS Accessories & YRU

We see Shoshipoyo and Yana around Harajuku quite often – and their outfits are always creative.

Shoushi – on the left with colorful braids (or dreds or hair falls) – is an 18-year-old fashion student. He’s wearing a DVMVGE (Damage) “Nuke Kids on the Block” sweatshirt with M.Y.O.B NYC pants, and YRU platform shoes. Accessories include harnesses from Devilish and DVMVGE as well as holographic clutch by DVMVGE. Shoushi’s favorite brand right now is DVMVGE and he also likes Brooke Candy. For more info, find him on Instagram or Twitter.

Yana – on the right with sunglasses – is 22 years old and works in the apparel industry. He’s wearing a graphic setup from DVMVGE with Buffalo platform boots. Yana’s bone cap, skull necklace, and animal skulls bracelet are all from OS Accessories, his bag is Jeremy Scott, and he’s also carrying a “This Is Not a Moschino Toy” teddy bear iPhone case. Yana is also a fan of DVMVGE and he likes Iggy Azalea. Yana is also active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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