Harajuku Nurses w/ Decora Hair Pins, Gas Mask & Randoseru

Nata and Sato@310, are two 16-year-old students we met in Harajuku. Their nurse-inspired looks mix in elements of decora fashion.

To the right we have Nata, who has pastel braided hair and a red cross hat. She is wearing a pastel dress with a galaxy print jacket and canvas sneakers. She accessorized with a gas mask, bow and star hair pins, a candy brooch, pendant necklace and syringe bag. Nata told us she likes shopping at Spinns and that she’s a Radwimps fan.

Sato@310 is the girl with dark bob hair and many decora hair pins. She is wearing a red and white dress with a white coat over it, and ribbon-tied flatforms. Her accessories include a dripping choker, goggles, star and cross pins, fingerless gloves, plastic rings, a red randoseru backpack and strawberry print socks. She is a fan of Urbangrade and likes to shop at Kinji.

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  1. Guro-decora? NICE!

    Where can I get a syringe handbag?

  2. Aww they are very supa kawaii and I love nurse hats

  3. Tey look really awesome! I love their pastel hair and clothes,the goggles, and those sailormoon compacts. This is really cool! *-*

  4. JAPAN! Stop being so cute! You gonna make me diiiiiie *O*