Harajuku Girl w/ Piercings in Black Brain Oversized Sweatshirt & Demonia Platforms

Futon-chan is a 20-year-old Japanese model and actress with blue hair who we met on the streets of Harajuku.

She is wearing a hoodie jacket from fashion brand Black Brain, black short shorts, black socks and black platform creepers from Demonia. On her back is “The Fly” series all over print backpack from Village Vanguard. For her accessories she had on gauged ears, a silver nose ring, lip piercings, split tongue, a leather choker, beaded bracelets, rings, a tattoo bracelet and a tattoo ring to go along with her ombre hair with semi fringed bob style.

Futon-chan’s favorite brands to shop are Never Mind the XU, Candye Syrup and Dog Harajuku and she loves the tunes of Dir en Grey and Creepy Nuts. You can catch her videos at Youtube, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more of her info.

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