Harajuku Polka Dots w/ Velvet Skirt & Love Drug Store Cat Shoes

Kai is 22 and she told us she works in apparel. She looked cute and feminine with blond hair and pink eye make-up when we noticed her in Harajuku.

She is wearing a black polka dot sweater with a white peterpan collar, which she got in Korea, and a navy velvet skirt that she made herself. She also made all the accessories she’s wearing: a burgundy velvet hair bow and a choker with a heart pendant. Kai is also wearing cute Love Drug Store cat shoes, with a high platform, ankle straps and tails at the back. She is carrying a pink and mint wallet and marked her waist with a bow belt.

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  1. Omg what a great styling!
    Really! She is stunning!
    But i think one of the best things on her outfit are her shoes sooo cool!

    Bye Beli

  2. Seriously the best shoes ever.
    I wish I knew where to get a pair…

  3. Those shoes are the ‘kawaiiest’ (does that word even exist? If it doesn’t, someone should invent it! LOL) thing ever *O*