Chic Harajuku Girl in Mixed Prints with Punk Cake, Comme des Garcons, Maice & Tokyo Bopper

We met Atsuko, a 19-year old student in the streets of Harajuku. She looked chic and casual in her mixed print outfit. Let’s take a look at her ensemble:

Atsuki was wearing a white lace and ruffled top from the vintage boutique Punk Cake Harajuku, floral print pants from Maice, a Comme des Garcons tartan sling bag, and blue platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories, which include a pendant necklace and ribbon ring, are both from Punk Cake.

Atsuki’s favorite Japanese fashion brands are Tokyo Bopper and Comme des Garcons. Follow her on Instagram for her info and personal snaps.

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