Harajuku Girl w/ Pink-Blonde Hair, Punk Cake Platforms, Sikth Tee, Uggla & Obey

Mako is a 21-year-old art student who we met in Harajuku after dark. You might remember her previous street snaps.

In addition to her short pink-blonde hairstyle and piercings, Mako is wearing an oversized Sikth band t-shirt over a skirt from Uggla, pink socks, and platform boots from Punk Cake Harajuku. Her backpack is by Obey and she’s also carrying a pouch that looks a bit like an egg sack of some creature.

Mako’s favorite shops are Punk Cake Harajuku and Mouse Koenji (both Tokyo vintage shops) and she likes the music of Cyclamen. Find her on Instagram or Twitter for more info.

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