Shaved Hairstyle, Piercings, Leather Jacket & Vivienne Westwood in Harajuku

Mako is a 20-year-old girl with a cool shaved hairstyle who we met on Cat Street in Harajuku after dark. You might remember her street snap from last year.

Mako is wearing a vintage leather jacket from Mouse Koenji over a Vivienne Westwood top, a tiered pleated Monomania maxi-skirt, and Volatile platform sneakers (purchased at Kinsella Harajuku). Accessories – some of which came from Fetis – include a stretched ear, ear spikes, a silver necklace, a leather o-ring anklet, and a Kansai Yamamoto leather bag (purchased at Mouse Koenji).

Mako told us that the vintage shop Mouse Koenji is her favorite fashion destination and that she likes the music of iwabo (iwrestledabearonce). For more info, find Mako on Twitter or Instagram.

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