Harajuku Punk Rocker In Evil Kitties Top, Leopard Print & Creepers

Riki is a 20 year old working at H>FRACTAL, the well-known Laforet Harajuku shop. His hair is half shaved and half dyed blonde and he has a big piercing in one ear.

Riki is wearing a torn, sleeveless top with printed satanic kitties, from Unif, with skinny jeans and some animal print layering. His small wristlet is from T.U.K, and he wore it next to a zipper cuff. He donned black and white creepers with this look, and had his round, double rim sunglasses on the back of his neck.

Riki is into punk rock music and his favorite shop is obviously H>FRACTAL. He’s active on Twitter as @riki_18_, so that’s where you can find him!

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  1. Does anyone know where you can buy UNIF in Tokyo?

  2. wow!! He looks so cool! Love the hair! And creepers look great!
    n’ that cheetah thing hanging is just awesome!! ☆

  3. @Emily – I know that FakeTokyo in Shibuya carries some items. Not sure who else, but I saw this kitties top on the street again today in Harajuku so I suspect there is a stockist in Harajuku as well.

  4. i love the whole outlook! he’s awesome and stylish.

  5. Amekokoro

    i must kno where he got his triangle earring!!!!!! i want tht same piercing!!!!!

  6. I don’t know which side of his head I like better shaved or not sooo sexy!!!!!