Harajuku Punk/Gothic Girl & Guy w/ Face Paint, Platform Boots & Candy Choker

Meet Tensei & Harasume, a super-colorfully dressed Japanese guy and girl we ran into in Harajuku. Their punk-gothic fashion, eclectic accessories, and cool hairstyles caught our attention right away!

On the right, with awesome blonde hair, is Tensei Sugahara. He’s a model, singer, calligrapher, fashion designer, and artist. Tensei’s outfit includes colorful tops from Dark Red Rum (by h.Naoto) and Goh, pink leopard print skinny pants from Hellcat Punks, and massive platform boots from Yosuke. Accessories – some of which came form Japanese brand 666 – include a Sexpot Revenge bag, a choker, studded and spiked bracelets, and leather fingerless gloves. Tensei’s favorite music is Gothic, and his favorite brands/shops include Dog Harajuku and Nude N’ Rude.

If you’d like to know more about Tensei’s art, writing, fashion, and other projects, check out the official Tensei Sugahara Tumblr or follow him on Twitter.

The girl with a cute short hairstyle and cat whiskers face paint is named Harasume. Her look consists of a punk-style torn net top, fluorescent tulle skirts, Vivienne Westwood stockings, and Dr. Martens boots. She said that her outfit came from Tensei (the guy described above), but she didn’t specify whether he made the items himself or if he is the one who did her styling. Accessories – some of which she handmade – include a tiara, a choker made of candy, and a large craft paper necklace. Her bag is a randoseru (Japanese children’s school backpack) decorated with Hello Kitty and other charms.

Harasume told us she likes Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, as well as shopping at the Harajuku boutique Dog and Koenji’s famous Kitakore building. Her favorite band is Metallica!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Her choker is brilliant. =D Love both of these outfits so much!

  2. Thanks for posting a nice article about me&her TokyoFashion.com and lovely comments everyone :)
    I didn’t tell them details though my choker and her damaged shirt were made by me.
    That day was TOO HOT, so my face was really dead and hair was funny though lol

    yeah, our kinds of punk/gothic/glam rock styles are still alive in Japan,
    we are even trying to cultivate and spread these styles :)

    Thanks to this article I’m getting new followers on twitter and tumblr :)
    I’m planning tours as an artist with my promoters and working on my band Arche.

    It’s my official site full of information and photos of my works :)

    Official facebook of Tensei Sugahara

    Official facebook of 沙爛(Syaran) as a guitarist for my band Arche


    The only first photo is SO FUN!
    This girl’s very photogenic and her style’s really cool!

  4. kinako milk

    Love the colors and glam punk stylings. I have a pair of those fuschia leopard-print pants, they rock (°ワ°)

  5. TekkaMecca

    I love Tensei’s jacket – so cool. What brand is it? I wish they have them here in the States – so much more fun fashion in Japan.

  6. Ne! Isnt he the fashion blogger in the yukata? :o Looks so cute and cool together! They have really a strange but wow style (**o**)b

  7. she has a beautiful face ~ I think both look awesome :3

  8. The girl has a gorgeous face. I love her red backpack and I wish i could pull off a haircut that short. but my favorite thing about the pictures were the guy’s boots! I probably stared at them for 10 minutes, checked my drool levels and stared some more. Super love <3 <3 <3