Harajuku Punks w/ Crosshawk & Mohawk, Studded Leather & Boots

K and Asuka are two punk rockers with spiky colorful hair who we spotted in Harajuku. We’ve seen them around Harajuku many times before.

He’s wearing a graphic t-shirt with ripped jeans and a studded biker jacket. His boots are Solovair and his bracelet is handmade. He told us that he likes shopping at Killers in Shimokitazawa and that he’s a fan of The Discocks. Find out more about him on Facebook.

Asuka is a freeter with an amazing blonde and pink crosshawk hairstyle. She’s is also wearing a graphic t-shirt and biker jacket, paired with a mini skirt and pink animal print tights. She told us that her boots are Dr. Martens, and that she’s active on Facebook.

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  1. Jetgirl77

    At Haley how the hell do U find this to be kawaii punk ??? No such thing ur just making your own labelit’s just plain street punk u dumb ass