Harajuku Streetwear w/ Purple Hair, UNIQLO x Street Fighter Shirt, Romantic Standard Pleated Skirt, Burlesque Harness Bag & Yosuke Chunky Shoes

While out and about on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Misaki, who works as a shop staff in the apparel industry.

Sporting a bold purple hairstyle, Misaki stepped out in an all black streetwear ensemble, which consists of a Street Fighter t-shirt from Uniqlo, a short pleated skirt from Romantic Standard, black ribbed socks and black chunky shoes from Yosuke. She is toting an HGUL+BAG harness bag from Burlesque, and accessorized with a black choker, a silver pendant necklace, a silver o-ring chain belt, a black watch, black sunglasses, knuckle rings and silver chains.

Check out Misaki’s style feed on Instagram.

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