Harajuku Rainbow Style w/ Pink-Blue Hair, Pandas, Teletubbies & SpongeBob

Many of you will recognize MaiMai, one of Harajuku’s most well known decora girls! We were lucky to run into Mai Mai on Takeshita Dori this time.

In addition to her pink and blue twintails hairstyle, MaiMai’s rainbow look features a colorful Jams World jacket over a polka dot shirt, a tiered Pirameki Panda skirt, rainbow tights, and pink creepers with neon green lights. Accessories include a rainbow pom pom beanie, a giant rainbow chain necklace, rainbow heart glasses, cute plush charms, a cute phone case, and a Sponge Bob backpack customized with lots of Teletubbies.

For more information on MaiMai, and to see more pictures, check out her Mai Rainbow Decora Page on Facebook.

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  1. MaiMai is one of my inspirations when it comes to decora fashion and I’m a big fan of her hair and outfits! This outfit just blew me away, it’s amazing! ^0^

  2. ~♥~にいんやねこ~♥~

    Omg she’s so cutee~ *~*

    I love her outfit it’s so..like a rainbow *~* xD