Harajuku Rappers in Air Jordan Sneakers w/ A Bathing Ape, Louis Vuitton & Bershka

We met these two 19-year-old Japanese rappers on the street in Harajuku. This is what we found out about them:

Lil Honey Princess is wearing a t-shirt from A Bathing Ape with shorts from Bershka. Her handbag is Louis Vuitton and her sneakers are Nike Air Jordan 3. She is also wearing a NYC beanie. Find out more about her by following her Instagram.

Hiyadam is wearing a gray t-shirt from a select shop with high waist denim shorts from Forever21. His sneakers are also Nike Air Jordan 3, and he accessorized with an American flag bandana. He is active on Instagram, if you want to look him up.

Both Lil Honey Princess and Hiyadam told us they like shopping at A Bathing Ape and listening to Vic Mensa.

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