Harajuku Resale Fashion, Doll Necklace & Soccer Ball Purse

This blonde bespectacled Japanese girl with two cute twists in her hair told us that her name is “27”. She’s an 18-year old high school student and is wearing a print shirt from the Tokyo resale shop Thank-You Mart with turquoise shorts from the flea market. Her outfit also includes a black and multi-color long patchwork sweater and tights printed with images of angels. She’s carrying a purple nylon bag that also came from the flea market.

27’s accessories include a small doll on a necklace, a rabbit-head ring and a purse made from a soccer ball. She’s wearing black suede shoes tied with ribbon laces. We asked her about her favorite place to shop and the answer was the Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy. When we asked about her favorite music she named Shakalabbits.

Thank-You Mart Shirt & Long Patchwork Sweater

Glasses & long sweater

Blonde hair with twists

Nylong bag from flea market

Soccer ball purse

Small doll on necklace

Rabbit-head ring

Angel print tights & black suede shoes

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  1. OMG, I’m in love with the tights! I’ve seen them before but still can’t find :(( Can anyone tell me the brand, please???