Harajuku Duo in Resale Fashion, Nozomi Ishiguro, Phenomenon, Vans & Converse

We came across stylish couple Kanae and Seiya in Harajuku. Kanae is 20 years old and works at Japanese fashion label Aymmy in the Batty Girls while 22-year old Seiya is a staff member at CA4LA.

Seiya wore a mesh-over-shirt top from Nozomi Ishiguro, skirt/apron over denim pants from Phenomenon, and Vans sneakers. His backpack is from RNA and his accessories are from Sacai and G-Shock. His favorite brand is CA4LA. Catch Seiya on Instagram and Twitter for more of his style.

Kanae, in braided tails, wore a resale polka dot dress that she paired with red socks and denim Converse All Star sneakers. Her red bucket hat and denim shoulder bag are both from Kaorinomori. She loves shopping at resale shops and her favorite Tokyo resale boutiques Chicago and Kinji Harajuku. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more info.

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