Harajuku Resale Style w/ Troop Jacket, WEGO LAB & Pin Nap

Li Lium works at WEGO Lab Buy&Sell in Harajuku. We have been photographing his street style around Harajuku for several years. This time, he was wearing a colorful 80s/90s inspired outfit.

Li Lium’s skyline t-shirt was bought used, from Pinnap Harajuku, and he paired it with resale acid wash jeans from WEGO Lab. His jacket is by Troop (he bought it at Mouse), while his studded clutch is MCM, also bought from WEGO Lab. He got his red resale platform sneakers and Cazal glasses from the same store. He is also wearing a cap and bandana, and a chunky lion medallion necklace.

Li Lium mentioned that he likes shopping from WEGO Lab, Pinnap and Mouse, and that you can follow him on Twitter.

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