Harajuku Duo w/ Resale & Vintage Fashion, YRU, Monomania & Dr. Martens

We met these two students on the streets of Harajuku and they both agreed to stop for a few snaps.

Gohan is 20 years old and he is wearing a striped top from the Japanese vintage shop Perori with pants from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago. His white platforms are YRU and his rings are from Monomania. He is also wearing glasses and carrying a Flying Tiger Copenhagen mustache tote bag. Gohan’s favorite shops are Perori and Dog and he likes K-Pop music.

Mai is 19 and she’s wearing a Perori resale t-shirt with white and pink bottoms. Her buckle shoes are Dr. Martens and her accessories (plastic chain necklace, hearts bracelet, rings, silver backpack) are from Monomania and Nadia Harajuku. Mai told us that her favorite shop is also Perori, and she also likes K-Pop music.

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  1. WHERE I CAN GET A SHOE LIKE THIS???/// \(☆o☆)/