Harajuku Duo in Retro Looks w/ Bunkaya Zakkaten, Hysteric Glamour, Wrangler & Vintage Items

While walking along the street in Harajuku, we met Yuki and Sakura sporting retro looks. Both are students.

Yuki is wearing cuffed jeans from Wrangler, a blue cowboy style button down shirt from Chicago (the Tokyo vintage shop), and a black fringe jacket, also from Chicago. Black and white creepers and accessories like a black cap, round eyeglasses, a brown belt, tassel earrings from Hysteric Glamour and a silver ring from Ozone Community complete his look. His favorite brand/shop is Hysteric Glamour. He is active on Instagram.

Sakura’s outfit features a yellow turtleneck sweater, black pants, a colorful vest from Titicaca, yellow socks and black creepers from ACDC. Accessories include a Bunkaya Zakkaten vinyl record bag, a white fuzzy hat, round eyeglasses, gold hoop earrings, a red beaded necklace, and a red belt, some of which are from Vivienne Westwood. Sakura loves the designer Vivienne Westwood. Follow Sakura on Twitter and Instagram.

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