Harajuku Rock Girl w/ Dip Dye Hair, Spike Platforms & Studded Vest

Lisa is our favorite guitar-playing English-speaking dip-dyed Japanese high school girl who we see around Harajuku. Her personality is really sweet, even though her music tastes are hardcore! Lisa just celebrated her 18th birthday earlier this week.

When we spotted Lisa on the street near LaForet, she was wearing a leather studded vest over a white sweatshirt, black short shorts, skeleton stockings, and tall platform boots with spikes & studs. Accessories, which Lisa always wears plenty of, include a spiked headband in her pink/blue dip dye twintail hairstyle, round glasses, numerous necklaces (razor blade, cross, Motionless in White dog tags, etc.), candy-colored bracelets, a skeleton and cross ring, and a studded black purse.

Lisa’s favorite music is metal and hard rock (including Slipknot, Hide, Wednesday 13, Korn, and more). We didn’t get all of Lisa’s brand info this time, so if you want to know about anything you can ask her directly on Twitter (she speaks English). She also posts a lot of photos on her personal Tumblr.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Wraith108

    I’m male so the clothes aren’t my thing (though yo look great Lisa) but I wish I didn’t need normal glasses because I LOVE those sunglasses.

  2. Wraith108

    Just noticed, her boots look like modified Creepers.

  3. What lens do you use for these shots?.. Wonderful DOF

  4. Lisa’s the coolest bitch ever :( I can’t even take it anymore