Harajuku School Girls in Seifuku, MYOB NYC, WEGO & Platforms

We met these two cute students in Harajuku, and they kindly agreed to pose for us. Here is what we found out about them:

Pictured to the right is Madoka, who is 16 years old. She is wearing her seifuku (school uniform) with a burgundy bag, loafers and socks. She told us her favorite place to shop is WEGO and that she’s a fan of Back Number. You can find out more details about her from Twitter.

Kaori is the girl pictured to the left and she’s 15. She is wearing a white jacket from MYOB over a gingham shirt from WEGO and a black skirt. Her backpack is Fredrik Packers and her patent platforms (worn with ruffle socks) are from WEGO. Kaori is a Taylor Swift fan and she likes the brands at MYOB NYC and Stussy. She is also active on Twitter.

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  1. The school girl’s pose looks like she’s going to make it rain .

  2. The outfit is wonderfully simple but stylish. I adore it actually i wish i could afford to but something like that. Honestly so jealous.