Harajuku Shironuri Bazookistan, Minori & Elizabeth

Bazookistan, Minori, and Elizabeth are three members of Japan’s shironuri subculture who are well-known around Harajuku. We were lucky to run into the three of them in Harajuku while they were hanging out together.

Elizabeth, on the right, is an artist. She’s wearing a resale D.I.A. jacket over a 4298 top and a cute Emily Temple skirt with Parabolica-Bis graphic tights and platform heels. Her accessories include several bags and a cute hairbow. Elizabeth is active on both Facebook and Twitter.

Bazookistan, on the left, is a cyber raver and DJ. Most of her look – which includes a claws muffler, colorful tops and shorts, a colorful purse, a butterfly headdress, and platform boots – is by her favorite designer, the Harajuku legend Takuya Angel. Bazookistan is active on Twitter.

Minori, in the middle, is an artist. Her look (featuring a white dress and other coordinated white items), like all of Minori’s look, is a combination of handmade, remake, and vintage pieces. Minori has her own website, and can also be found on Facebook, and Twitter. There is also a short documentary about Minori and shironuri on YouTube.

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