Harajuku Shironuri w/ Blue Hair, Alice And The Pirates & Metamorphose

Kaori and Uri are two friendly Japanese shironuri who we ran into on the street near LaForet Harajuku. You might recognize Uri from his involvement with several Harajuku street fashion subcultures.

In addition to his striking shironuri makeup and blue hair, Uri is wearing a jacket and matching cropped pants from Alice and the Pirates, ripped blue and white tights, and Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. Accessories – some of which came from Alice and the Pirates – include a bunny ears top hat, a fuzzy muffler with a face, a blue butterfly brooch, a parasol, glooves, and a Patchy devil wings backpack. Uri’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and he enjoys the music of Shiina Ringo. For more info and pictures, check out Uri’s personal Twitter.

Kaori – also with pretty shironuri makeup and blue hair – is wearing a blue lace Metamorphose temps de fille dress with ripped tights and two-color Angelic Pretty lolita shoes. Accessories include a floppy hat, parasol, and lace gloves. Her favorite brand is Metamorphose and she likes the music of Baroque. Find Kaori on Twitter for more pictures and info.

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  1. Their style is a tad extreme but I admire their creativity

  2. Super extreme. Beyond what I would do, but, I still admire them too. People need to go extreme to push the norm too.

  3. I adore Uri!! Love both their outfits. I would wear if I wasn’t lazy.

  4. GrosieJosie

    I have stars in my eyes for the girl with the floppy-eared hat and butterfly clip. They are both rocking the sapphire blues!! I wish fashion like that was the norm here.