Harajuku Singers in Colorful Fashion Styles w/ Plastic Tokyo, Dr. Martens, X-Girl & KaneZ

While going around the Harajuku area, we came across these colorful girls in twin fashion styles. Meet Hyper Yukarin and Hyper Chan 3, singlers/rappers of the Hyper Yo-Yo spinners band.

Both of them are wearing twin ensembles which consisted of a matching set of oversized shirt, pants and jacket in a colorful digital print from Plastic Tokyo. Both had on Dr. Martens studded boots as well as black backpacks from fashion brand X-Girl and white caps from KaneZ. Accessories include studded leather bracelets and gold rings.

Hyper Yukarin loves shopping at Plastic Tokyo at listening to The Cro-Magnons. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and their band site, Hyper Yo-Yo.

Hyper Chan 3 also loves the brand Plastic Tokyo. Follow her on Twitter for more info.

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