Harajuku Sisters in Twintails & WEGO Platform Sandals w/ Disney Accessories

Yurika and Mizuho are friendly Japanese sisters who we often see together around Harajuku. When we ran into them on Cat Street, they had their hair in matching twintails-and-headbands styles.

Yurika – on the left – is wearing a Disney “Alice in Wonderland” t-shirt with a tulle skirt from the Japanese brand Swimmer, ruffle socks, and WEGO platform sandals. Accessories include a bead necklace, a ring from Nadia, a pink wrist watch from Daiso, a rubber bracelet from Nadia, and a Q-Pot Cafe tote bag. Yurika’s favorite brand is Disney, and she likes the music of Alice Nine. For more info, check out her personal blog.

Mizuho – on the right – is wearing an open floral print shirt from Sevens over a hoodie dress from Takeshita Dori over a WEGO skirt, ruffle socks, and WEGO platform sandals. Accessories – most of which came from Claire’s – include a popcorn necklace from Disney Resort, a colorful plastic bracelet, a smiley face ring, a sunflowers bracelet, and a princess backpack from WEGO. Mizuho’s favorite brands include WEGO and Disney and she’s a longtime Michael Jackson fan. For more information, check out Mizuho’s blog.

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  1. Orgóñez

    Their outfits are always very well composed and emphasize their natural beauty. Together they are plain hot chicks! I would take a second look for sure, if I saw them somewhere.

  2. Oh my I just absolutely adore her Alice in wonderland top