Harajuku Skateboard Girls in Adidas Superstar 2 & Vans Sneakers

These two fashionable skateboarders are Sayaka and Miyako, both 23 years old. Sayaka, a clothing store employee, is on the left. She’s wearing animal-print leggings from WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki. Her faded denim jacket and black hoodie are from resale shops. Her shoes are black Adidas Superstar 2 sneakers and her Jansport backpack is from Rawdrip.

Sayaka’s accessories include a black cap, large sunglasses, earrings from Bubbles and a wooden rosary worn around her neck. She also has a Wu-Tang sticker on her skateboard and a Bart Simpson (with skateboard) toy on her backpack.

The girl on the right with braids and purple lipstick is Miyako. She’s wearing a blue blazer and matching shorts from H&M, a black hoodie, black leggings and black Vans sneakers. Her accessories include a Supreme hat and a couple of silver studs in her eyebrow and ear. She’s carrying a United Colors of Benetton backpack and her skateboard from Heshdawgz is endorsed by skateboarder Kareem Campbell.

When we asked the girls about their favorite music, both said they like hip hop and Japanese language rap. Sayaka also said she soul while Miyako likes rock and techno. Both girls showed us shot glasses with the motto “We Believe in Paradise.”

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  1. In response to this:
    “carrying a skateboard around to look cool lame”

    How do you know that they can’t ride them? Making a judgement like that sucks, considering you haven’t a clue.

    Also, they look so cool!

  2. I like how a person assumed they can’t skate. Making a witty comment, lameee. They look ah-fucking-mazing

  3. Must be new boards! They’re not ghetto lookin’ like mine :O

  4. i like their outfits still! although there are no scratches on their boards XD maybe they just glide and ride about the streets too like me ehehe

  5. I love it, and I love their style, but sometimes I wonder if a lot of these fashionable Japanese skaters are really skaters, or in it for the fashion?

  6. How do you know they’re “carrying them around to look cool”?
    Maybe they actually skate.

  7. Awesome fashion, though their skateboards and shoes seem totally new…are they real skaters? Or is carrying a skateboard around a trendy thing to do in Tokyo?

  8. Sayaka’s skateboard looks brand new but is scuffed at the back. Miyako’s skateboard is not very new. Is it that surprising that they might have gone out on the town to show off their new stuff?? I think they look awesome though – loving how they put together the outfit

  9. Seems to be a trend. Seeing a lot of skateboards lately (but only male seem to actually skate)

  10. Trendy or not, real skateboarders or not, they look coool! And adidas superstar 4-ever! <3

  11. They look really cool. <3 They look pretty tough.

  12. guys, stop making sexist comments.
    just because they’re fragile looking girls doesn’t mean they can’t skate.

  13. Dreaded Queen

    The wheels look unworn on the boards but who cares! Any wu tang fans r all good with me!! Represent ladies!

  14. Awesome style both of them. Loving the leopart leggins/jeans jacket combo!
    On the topic of girl skateboarders: Lyn Z Adams-Pastrana is a fragile looking beatiful girl and she skates roughter them most boys! Here comes the however…. Those boards look brand new, not a scratch, so may be they didn’t ride ’em. So what, stil über cool

  15. I agree them being female doesnt mean they cant skate. I skate with a lot of females that shred. I think people are saying they cant skate based on the evidence.

    1 shoes are pristine
    2 boards are pristine
    3 wheels are pristine
    4 jeans are pristine
    5 the pictures focus on fashion only.

    \The girls I skate with have tattered shoes, ripped jeans and thrashed decks, and they’re not super pro or anything either.

    The only evidence i can see is a bit of wheel bite on the one deck.

  16. Love these girls’ styles! I’m taking notes for myself :P

    BTW, I used to have a similar Bart Simpson key chain during my school years! :O


  17. these girls doesn’t even know how skatee xD my trousers and shoes are all broken . and it’s alike my style, but seiing that it seems so superficial….

  18. Ü i♥ your style ^^ wow¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  19. maybe they broke the old ones and got new ones relax