Harajuku Girls in Colorful Street Fashion & Alien Bag w/ Romantic Standard, Kiki, Kinji & San-biki no Koneko

While walking on the street in Harajuku, we met Momo (left), an 19-year-old student and 18-year-old Mini (right). They caught our attention with their colorful outfits. Let’s take a closer look:

At the left, Momo is wearing an orange see-through shirt from Romantic Standard over a checkered cropped top from Forever21, remake ruffle pants, metallic sneakers from GU, and a transparent alien head backpack she bought online. Her accessories -some from San-biki no Koneko – include a sailor hat, large silver hoop earrings, eyeglasses, and green suspenders. Momo’s favorite brands are Kinji and Gucci and she likes listening to the music of Avicii. For her social media updates, follow Momo on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the right, Mini’s ensemble consists of a rainbow crochet top from Kiki over a blue collar shirt, pink pants from Kinji, Converse sneakers, and a Gap messenger bag. Her accessories include an H&M rainbow choker and a star bracelet from Claire’s. Mini’s favorite brands are Kinji and Nadia, and she likes to listen to the soundtrack for “Kewpie 3 Minute Cooking”. Mini is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

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