Harajuku Street Style Featuring Avant-Garde Handmade Fashion w/ Metal Tubing

Making a stylishly but shocking entrance in Harajuku was TKMĀ®Freedom. The Japanese fashion student and designer is among the popular personalities in the Harajuku street style scene, and he has been featured on multiple occasions on this site.

This time, he was clad in handmade outerwear that was one part brown fuzzy coat and one part black leather jacket with a shearling trim on the cuff. He also wore a handmade top and sheer black handmade pants tucked into neon green mesh tights. TKM added more oomph to his look with a pair of snakeskin platform boots and a silver headdress with a glittery yellow snakeskin headscarf underneath. His handmade accessories include a silver metallic tubing piece around his neck, and blue feathery eyelashes. Black eye makeup and smudged black lipstick completed his avant-garde look.

TKM Freedom is on Instagram as All Knowing Nothing.

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