Harajuku Street Style w/ Twin Tails, Lingerie Top, 6%DokiDoki, Candy Stripper, Forever21 Patent Skirt, Vivienne Westwood, WC and White Sandals

While out and about in Harajuku we met Sarah, a 28-year-old in the apparel industry.

Sporting twin braided tails, Sarah is dressed in a sheer black camisole with pink trims, worn over a white printed ruffle shirt, both of which are from Candy Stripper and 6%DokiDoki. She also wore a pink patent leather mini skirt from Forever21, sheer cat print socks and a pair of white sandals. Accessories such as heart-shaped earrings, smiley face hair ties, colorful hair clips, a Vivienne Westwood orb pendant necklace, colorful beaded bracelets, a smart watch and a couple of cute cocktail rings rounded out her style. Some of her accessories are from Sanrio and Spiral. In addition, Sarah is carrying a clear tote bag with a pink lining from WC.

Sarah lists Vivienne Westwood and Moschino as her favorite fashion brands. She also enjoys listening to rock and visual kei music. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter.

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