Colorful Harajuku Street Styles w/ Fendi, Jeremy Scott, Kinsella, Faith Tokyo, Moschino, YRU & UNIF

While walking on the streets in Harajuku, our attention was caught by these two guys sporting colorful eclectic street fashion. They are 17-year-old Yuya (at the left) and Kenta (at the right wearing a hat). Both are students.

Yuya’s ensemble features a black Fendi cropped vest over a red resale t-shirt, yellow and black zipper pants from Jeremy Scott, Jeremy Scott x Adidas platform flame wings sneakers, and a neon see through bag from Kinsella. His accessories – some from Faith Tokyo – include statement sunglasses, a safety pin earring, a geometric and cross chain earring, a neon chain necklace, and a studded leather belt. Some of Yuya’s favorite fashion brands include Dog Harajuku, Kinji and Faith Tokyo. He is active on Instagram.

Kenta’s outfit consists of a colorful t-shirt from Moschino, pink printed pants from Kinsella, platform glitter creepers from YRU, a Moschino chain tote bag, and a basketball sling bag from Jeremy Scott. His accessories, some of which are from UNIF, include pink sunglasses, a head scarf under a fuzzy chain hat, and silver hoop earrings to go along with his grey dreadlocks. Kenta’s favorite brands include Freak City, Versace and Dog Harajuku. He likes listening to the music of Kumi Koda. Follow him on Instagram!

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