Harajuku Girls Street Styles w/ Kimono Coat, Sasquatch Fabrix, Yosuke, By Moss, Adidas & WEGO

In Harajuku, we met So (at the left), and Mo (right), both 19-year-old students. They caught our eye with their all black ensembles.

At the left, So’s look features an Adidas jacket over a black t-shirt from GU, a button down skirt, black socks, platform creepers from Yosuke, and a By Moss backpack. Her accessories include a cap from Sasquatch Fabrix, ear studs and Wego sunglasses. So’s favorite brands are H&M and Adidas. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

At the right, Mo is wearing a floral print kimono coat over a lace dress, both of which are from H&M, a By Moss backpack, lace socks and GU fuzzy sandals. She accessorized with sunglasses and hoop earrings from H&M. Mo’s favorite fashion brands are H&M, Adidas and Zara. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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